Caring & Cleaning
After using the gemstone products, you should clean them with a piece of soft cloth so that they are properly cleaned before storing. When not used, you should store them in soft pouches.

Gemstone products should not be exposed to salty water, chemicals (i.e. chlorine or detergents), hair spray and perfume as they may damage the polish or make the product to become dull. Presence of perspiration may also damage the gemstones.

Keep your gemstone products separately when you do not use them. Products should not touch each other, and they should also be stored in soft fabric.

You should keep in mind that gemstone product's durability depends on how you handle it; i.e you should handle your gemstone product with care.

Like many of the precious materials, sterling silver will oxidize with time. If you properly keep it, silver products maintain long periods.

You should store the silver products in cool and dry places, soft pieces of cloth or a fabric pouch is a suitable place to store them. Silver products should be stored separately, not touching each other in order to prevent any damage or scratch.

A polishing cloth or a piece of felt can be used to rub the silver in order to clean and polish. Tissue papers or paper towels are not appropriate to use as they may cause scratches on the products.

You can clean the silver products with mild soap and water solution and dry with soft cloth. If needed, you can use a silver cleaning product.

You should not expose your silver products to air and light when storing as this may cause silver to tarnish. Chlorine water may also damage the products.

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