Enamel Silver Prayer Beads
Made of 33 black & gold color enamel silver beads, handle and tassel. Space between the beads is approximately 2-3 beads width. "Limitied Edition". FREE handmade luxury gift box.
ABOUT SILVER: Silver harmonizes emotional, mental and physical conditions. It clarifies the thoughts and increases endurance. It has a calming power like moon energy and eliminates stress. Good for decreasing concerns, element for control and equilibrium. It is used against the evil eye. Supports the user with its energy.
Sale Price: $219.00 (35% Discount)
Regular Price: $340.00
Item Status:
- Currently out of stock -
Product Details
Bead Diameter:
0.9 cm (0.35 inch.)
27 cm (10.61 inch.) including tassel
48 gr (1.68 oz)
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